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Welcome to Mind Matters SPORTS, a mental skills site for Olympic and Paralympic athletes, NCAA athletes, golfers, tennis players, soccer players, snooker players and much, much, more! In fact, whichever sport you play and whatever your goals are, mental skills training (MST) can provide you with the tools you need to perform to your potential.

Similarly to working on your technique, physical fitness and nutrition, working on your mental game is essential for those looking to become the complete athlete. And where two opponents are equal in technique, it is often the mental conditioning that separates them in victory and defeat.   

Please be sure to visit the "Mental Skills Training" page, which explains what MST is all about and shows you how you can start working on your mental game. Whether you are located in Southern California, out of state or internationally, Mark can bring MST to you either in person or by Skype video calls.

Please also look at the MST information that is specific to your sport, since each sport has its own demands and requires a unique mental skill set. I would also encourage you to look at the Testimonials section to gain an insight into the athletes' experiences of MST.

Thank you for visiting Mind Matters SPORTS and if you are looking for that all-important competitive edge, please feel welcome to contact me.

Mark Springett, M.A., CC-AASP
Founder, Mind Matters SPORTS

Mark J. Springett, M.A., CC-AASP
Certified Consultant #336, Association for Applied Sport Psychology
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